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photo credit: @mauriziozatti

photo credit: @mauriziozatti





Don’t hurry in life, be patient.

Your friend priorities may not be yours, there is nothing wrong about it.

You decide to invest in luxury goods and your best friend in houses, if that’s what makes you happy then you are not on the wrong side. When your time comes , you will know it’s the right thing to do at this stage of your life .

My time isn’t yours.

to achieve your goals you just need to define them. some realize them quickly, other need more time. Some people have to work twice to get what they want while  others seems to have it easy. Don’t be jealous, just continue to push.

We are different, and so are our lives but end up having the same things, more or little. What differ is the timing.

Remind yourself the most important thing is, no matter what, the difficulties, the ambition, never lose your soul because if it happens you will never fill the void inside you (ain’t no car, jewels,bank accout, shoes,bags that can).

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Right or Wrong.

IMG-20150704-00738-1-1Successful people always advice others to hold on their dream, to go get what they want. The point is when do you become a successful person? At which cost? What are you willing to do for it? Cheat? Lie? Kill? Why do people always think being successful have to do with having a bank account with many zeros and living a luxury super life? Successful is to be good at what you do and do it well no matter what it is. Its being passionate about your job, your work, your family. Successful people are the one that inspires you. Those person who realises their dreams no matter how little it may be doing the right things. Not frauding, not lying or cheating on naives people. Why are we all afraid to talk about morality nowadays? We are so afraid to say what we think, afraid to be consider as haters, it is so much important to be politically correct. I may be retro but for me there is still right and wrong, good and bad. We kind of justify everything in the name of individual freedom. I want to raise my children telling them no matter how ambitious they may be( and i wish they will) they should never lose their conscience because without it you are nothing. And no material things can’t fill that soul emptiness.


Florence is magical… such a beautiful town. No words to describe it. It is absolutely to visit.









Coffee at San Gimignano. Medieval city. I was ecsthatic! a place full of history. You will completely immerse yourself in the medieval period. Just unreal! I was impressed at what man is able to build.

San Gimignano-20150530-00326



IMG_20150527_155827 Lo sappiamo tutti quanto è preziosa la vita ma non la smettiamo di lamentarci e non riusciamo ad assaporarne i momenti belli fatti di cose semplici. Aspettiamo cose grandi, sfarzose finché non muore una persona cara e lì ci ripromettiamo che la vita è una sola che va apprezzata in ogni momenti. Cerco veramente di godermi il presente perché non so cos’ha in serbo per me il futuro allora tanto non vale sfasciarsi la testa di domande. A volte non ci sone risposte e tanto vale accettarlo… Baci IMG_20150527_155330IMG_20150528_151534

Third World


These pasts weeks in Italy all the talk-shows are about immigration. Due to the conflict in Lybia  the borders are widely open and it is now a no control zone. Now from the beginning of the year till now about 260000 migrants on Italy coast. After weeks of discussion they have fibally decided in Brussels that 40000 of them who have the right of asylum are going to be share through the coubtries members of EU. Now i am not a poltician nor did i studied Political Sciences but how couldFrance and England Even thought of answering No in the beginning. They were the first to go and remove khadaffi hiding their economic interests under the name of democracy. What did they expect? You can’t have it all! and so this are the consequences of their actions. Hollande  during the walk against terrorism after the deaths of Charlie Hebdo was so happy to have thousands of people from every races and religion. Africans were there! Yes i know you guys will say it is always the same thing, whites are always  responsible of Africa’s misery. But yes they have their responsabilities. Many of the conflicts in Africa are  instigated by them, they never try to seriously solve them but they sell arms both the parts playing the game, they do business with those egoist and irresponsible Africans presidents.They keep us endebted to them, can you believe we are paying a colonial debt. No i am not kidding, after being dominated for decades by France, countries such as Cameroon to gain their independance were forced to sign an agreement to take all the financial efforts that were sustained by the colons to build the infrastructures in the country. So the new independant country found itself with a debt that was surreal. It is like a 25 years boy who starts his life with a debt of a million euros left to him by his parents. Consequences the country had to turn to the French Banks to obtain a loan to afford the debt and pay the civil servants. It turn out the  interest rates grew, inflation came and governments were forced by the FMI and the World Bank to reduced the salaries, to privatized and so the state companies were sold to the same colons who have dominated us and reduced us to slaves,trying to erase our culture and beliefs. That is why even with the rich soil, most Africans are still living under the poverty line. They never say this part of the story when the talk about poverty and misery in the Black continent. Thanks to France, Belgium,GB  and the rest.. and they pretend we have to die on our  continent. Your coffee, exotic fruits,woods,diamonds,cellphone(we know the most inportant component to make cellphone and PC comes from DRC)  and many else are Africa , black, but you don’t want to see black Africans people as your neighbor. Why do the black color frightens whites so much?We are so pacific, even with all the sufferings we had to endured we are not an angry nor vindictive race. Africans are running from situtation that are created or cautionned 50% by Occident. Now i have to say i am ashamed by those wicked presidents above Africa watching with indifference what their people are facing, sons of their land risking their life and even dying to run away from poverty or war. If Occident really want to stop this, they should erase the African debt, stop dealing with our corrupted presidents, stop arming the rebels and militia and stop exploiting for nothing the african soil. It is as simple as that. But if they are more interested in their economical interests then, this

type of immigration will never STOP.




I have been away for months i know. I had so many things to do: two little kids to take care of non stop, a husband a house etc… but if i have to be sincere i would admit that i did not have the envy nor enthusiasm to continue this adventure. I stopped and look at what i was really doing on this blog. Was it really reflecting the whole me? Then i realised i wanted, i needed to give it another direction.

Asos dress, Dolce&Gabbana miss sicily bag, miu miu flats.

I found myself so futile and superficial and i knew deep down i was not only this. I wasn’t only trends,clothes and shoes. Then i understood  that after years of living in a foreign country and as part of a minority i started self-censored myself thinking that i did not have the right to say what i think because i will be judge, because i would be notice and maybe exposed to odds comments. The point is many at times in my entourage when talking about race



 friends will ask me”what are you complaining about dear? You are a priviledge one!” Because i have prada and miu miu i am superior to the black woman who faces everyday what being different is? Or i did not have the right to give my  opinion on politics because i am not Italian nor European? And you then understand that is where you fit in. You have been upgraded just because you are a black who can have some designer stuff or a car. Because for many  the thought that maybe you knew what a Prada is when you were in africa or the fact you maybe had a german car at home is unthinkable. So I questionned myself and the thruth is i wanted to get back and be that girl who was committed in things that was important for her. The  girl who was not afraid to say what she thinks. The girl who till 20 years was always angry according to her friends because she always had something to say.

My engaged face

I Wanted to turn the years back when i knew

everything was possible and that sky was my limit. But most of all i decided to become more engaged and to get my voice heard because of my two kids. They are mixed and one day they will have to face discrimination because half black, maybe they will have a University Professor that one day will tell them as it happened to me” No you can’t have your master degree.” Just because You are judge less intelligent than the caucasians.


 And i did not let him get to me because i had parents who always told me i could be what i wanted to. I  want to be that parent to my children. I

want to leave them a mark, something they can hang on. Internet through blogs, Instagram, Facebook or twitter give us the great opportunity to say our word without necessarily being a famous person or whatsoever.

For my few followers i would like to reassure you that being engaged doesnt mean i will stop posting outfits and talk about fashion. I am a woman and it is all part of me.

Thank you!


It’s about culture not color.


I am a black girl born and raised in Cameroon. Thougt we study european history like French Revolution or Italian “Renaissance”, or languages such as Latin , German and Spanish and grew up watching Beverly Hilss 90210 and ER, and have a knowledge of the occidental culture, it’s still difficult for me to understand certain things. After 11 years in Italy, I still have difficulties to accept that I still don’t get a lot of things. Ok let’s make an example, the latest episodes. Had diner with friends last weekend and during the week some friends wanted to know my opinion of the food and rest. I answered honestly that it was good but not worth the price. Oh my gosh I never knew my answer would create a foodgate. The next day i saw another friend who told me he learned from one of the girls that I do complained of the price instead of appreciating the company. Now, if I’m asked to give an opinion, you should then let me say what I want to say and not what you want to hear. Second the question was not regarding the company but the food and wine and third why report something so stupid? I told my husband the whole thing and he told me I have to be more diplomatic, “sometimes you don’t necessarily  have to say what you think”. In my country what you say is what you think. If you don’t want to be answered differently, you don’t ask! Here It’s like you always have to say the contrary of what you think. I’m not saying we Africans are better, I believe it’s a matter of culture. Being straightforward here is like being a rude or strange person. It’s all about culture and I’ve come to believe you have to grow somewhere to really understand the behaviors. Surely my 9 year old nephew born and raised here and who is black have a lot in common with an Italian than with me. He surely have more difficulties to understand my way of thinking though I’m his auntie. It’s just to say it’s not the colour that defines you but the environment and its influence. A black guy born in Italy from Cameroonian parents is surely nearer to the autochthonous than an Italian born and raised in Argentina from Italians parents.


In love with these Dolce&Gabbana tortoise sunglasses!!! Talking about sunglasses, I have to say they are my current obssession… Want to buy more and more lol,,,.


Ps: as you can imagine the pictures are amatorial, my apologies but this is a blog to share opinions and outfit tips. It’s just about clothes and not professional photography.

Les mauvais jours.


Il ya des jours où le moral est à terre et on a aucune envie de mettre le nez dehors. Mais c’est justement ces jours là qu’il faut saper et aller se balader: de beaux habits et un peu d’air frais et on se dit qu’en fin de compte elle est pas si mal que ça la vie. Donc si vous êtes en pleine déprime comme moi surtout avec le temps de chien qu’il fait: pantoufles et pyjama interdits!!!  De rigueur: un pull doux en laine,bottes cavalières et notre imper Burberry et on affronte son “moi”.

Ps: ceux qui sont tout le temps heureux et ont une vie super belle,vous croyez que le m2 de leur dressing et la quantité des sacs griffés y sont pour quelque chose?

ma face des mauvais jours ci-dessous 


Things a real friend don’t do!


Let’s stay on the friends argument. I have my personal list of ten things your best friend don’t do.

1. She doesn’t let others talk bad about you in front of her and if they insist she defends you.

2. She doesn’t  come and report to you what have being said: why should she when she knows you will surely be hurt and angry. Personally I don’t want to know what the haters say about me.

3. She doesn’t judges you: she listen and support. It’s too late for “I told you”.

4. She doesn’t say: you look awful today! I’m already out of home so what should I do?

5. She stand by your side when you feels as if the world is falling apart. That’s what friends are for!

6. She doesn’t tell you: you will never get into that dress no matter how slim you will be. No no no… She wants to demolish your self esteem. Friens don’t do that. What the f***! I’m the one paying it and if I insist to take it, let it be girl!

7. Her boyfriend doesn’t like you? His business not hers.

8.You are on diet? She doesn’t invite to to McDonald’s or for a brunch your favorite 5***** hotel lol…

9. She knows family is sacred and so she never talks bad about your sister. Blood is sacred why plant hatred!?

10. A real friend loves champagne because you do… Now this is insane I know…