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It’s inside.

By simone


This is my first designer bag. My husband bought it for me in 2007 during one of our trip in Lisboa . He couldn't do otherwise because when i saw it on the shell in that Burberry shop, I litteraly fell in love with. I don't know if it  is the reason why Lisboa is one of my favorite town😀. In those days to spend circa half a thousand euros for a bag was new to me and it was like omg I am dreaming. Then i bought my YSL 32 at about 2000€. From that day on, my husband knew he was in trouble 😀.  My eyes were wide opened on beautiful and expensive stuffs. Then i bought the Prada saffiano, the Chloe Saskia and so on... i don't know if all this made my life just made me feel a woman who is being catered  by her man. Then for some reason at a point, i thought all those stuffs would help me be seeing not only as the African girl and all the preconceived ideas that goes with it. I could see some started changing, but still a Prada bag didn't stop the post office man from calling me by my name instead of Madam. My sister told me," actually you have to buy them for you. For your sake! because if you thing they are going to respect you because you put on designer stuff, you are dreaming. believe me those who are not used to think is fake and those who can see it's not, think you are a top escort." I laughed, a bitter laugh but she was right. And now when i see black girls trying to impress white folks with luxury things, i am only sad for them. Because the first thing that come in whites people mind is" who did she married to"? never " what is her profession". White famous women who made their fortune through their husbands are considered, brilliant, visionary, but if it happens to a black woman, she is a goldigger and opportunist. That is the reason why i believe it's not worth the trouble selling yourself for material or luxury things. To help your family in abject poverty I can understand but not for a bag or a car. Because you will be considered a hore the same. An expensive car or bag won't change their opinion on you! Nor the amount of  bags in your closet will make you more happy. The difference lies in number, nothing else. Happiness comes from immaterial things according to me. An achievement on your own: works kids, degree, helping the needful, being a good child for your parents in their old days... it can't and will never come from having 1000 bags and cars. I want to say there is nothing bad to want and have them but never, I myself can't have enough but never think it will fill your heart or mind. The sensation of fulfilment that overwhelmed you when you finally buy the bag of your dream last one day maximum. So if you were unhappy the day before your buy, two days after it, that feeling will come back. That's why I think people need goals in their life. Serious goals. That's what makes life better.

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