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By simone

To go ┬áhave some ” caffeina” lol…

imageTwo days ago,I was having a coffee with my husband when we saw in this bar a white couple with three kids. Two of them Whites and a little Black boy. Nothing new, adoption is ┬ásomething very normal. But how can I not talk about it? The Black kid was a Down. I maybe can sound rude or out of place but I was so so positively impress by that couple. They just wanted a little unfortunate baby to love and take care of regardless the race and the health. What an amazing couple! This is something that would never get out of my head. A human, disinterested love that is beyond human nature. I don’t think I personally could take that decision and make that choice. Chapeau! So there is still hope in this world. They are still people who believe love has no boundaries and doesn’t have to be perfect.They taught me a lesson. I don’t know if this is the influence of the Pope Francis because It’s undoubtedly that this Pope make us to search and bring out our good qualities. There has been a large debate about rich people adopting black kids like a “mode”. I really don’t care if it is just to show off or not, I’m happy as far every orphan is given the opportunity to grow in a family that can love him as every kid deserve. Love has no boundaries!imageimageimage

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