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We need more.

Audrey Hepburn is not only a beauty icon but a role model. She was a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF till her death and was really involved in her mission. It was beyond personal recognition and ego. you could see she  breathe and eat  the stories of the people she met. compassionate. What is life without […]

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The chances we’ve missed.

Le matin pour moi est un moment de pur bonheur. J’ai mon rituel. je me lève, je prepare mes petits pour le jardin d’enfants et après leur avoir donné un bisou à chacun, je ferme la porte derrière moi et je commence ma journée.  je me fais une bonne tasse de café et je la sirote […]

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Focus on yourself

    Do not hurry in life, be patient. Your friend priorities may not be yours, there is nothing wrong about it. You decide to invest in luxury goods and your best friend in houses, if that’s what makes you happy then you are not on the wrong side. When your time comes, you will […]

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Right or Wrong.

Successful people always advice others to hold on to their dreams, to go get what they want. The point is when do you become a successful person? at which cost? What are you willing to do for it? Cheat? Lie? Kill? Why do people always think being successful have to do with having a bank […]

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Florence is magical … such a beautiful town. No words to describe it. It is absolutely to visit.     Coffee at San Gimignano. Medieval city. I was ecsthatic! a place full of history. You will completely immersed yourself in the medieval period. Just unreal! I was impressed at what man is able to build. Share […]

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Third World

These pasts weeks in Italy all the talk-shows are about immigration. Due to the conflict in Lybia  the borders are widely open and it is now a no control zone. From the beginning of the year till now, have arrived about 260000 migrants on Italy coast. After weeks of discussion they have finally decided in Brussels […]

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Asos dress, Dolce&Gabbana miss sicily bag, miu miu flats.

  I have been away for months i know. I had so many things to do: two little kids to take care of non stop, a husband a house etc… but if i have to be sincere i would admit that i did not have the envy nor enthusiasm to continue this adventure. I stopped […]

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  Five days ago, I heard E., passed away. So so sad. He was one my elder’s friend. 35 years old, full of life and what we call a” viveur”. He fell from a balcony and get paralyzed. Six months of sufferings and agony. Painkillers couldn’t helped to minimize the pain. Lesson learned: Life can […]