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Mon Afrique à moi.

      I had to go home this November but due to Ebola I had to postponed my trip.  Let’s make it clear that there is no case of the illness In my country but my trip would have been like an African tour including one of the country involved. My plans are completely upside […]

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Free yourself!

Hello! when i think of a strong woman, it’s Angelina Jolie who comes on my mind. For me she’s powerful,human and generous,simple and stylish woman. Today’s chat is about we women. Our parents chooses to give us an education because they believe that from it, will come our independence. But is it really like that? […]

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So inspiring!

This is the view from my window. This is what lift me up when my spirit is low… A cup of tea sitting on the window early in the morning or late in the evening and you get inspired on so many things…  Just wanted to leave you guys with this. Have to go and […]

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Pourquoi Pas?

Well this is what I would like my “boudoir ” if I ever come to have one to look like. I like the simplicity and the elegance of the place. I can already see myself here with a cup of Kenyan or Ethiopian tea, chatting and laughing aloud with my mommy and sis. Why not? […]