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Dark Thoughts

By Belise

Deception. Depression. How generously given , loyal, and still selfish you are. You refuse to discriminate among race, gender, religion, and even age. The poor animals and plant seen to fall prey to the de-press/ not to say -ception concept. Like brothers and sisters, you  sneak up on each other, competing on who would have the last laugh. Eventually, who ever wins gets an equivalent of the emotion and state that still start with a -DE. Like a god, society worship at your feet. The pression or ception concept releases joy like fire works and a football game. Selfishly, it does not matter what size, shape, and form you have. What matters to you is turning the joker into a king in all your glory; waiting like a thief for the night to come, only to bask in glory to a victory not fairly won. 

Deception- armed in my belief on lights bulbs tunnel, I will fight you 

Depression-strengthened by my will, you will Loose. 

From Joy your greatest enemy. 


Belise is a life lover, optimistic woman. Born and raised in Cameroon she now lives in the US where she works. Proud black and African, very open minded and curious about others culture and lifestyle.

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