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Is fashion useless?

By simone


I love fashion but I'm not a stupid girl. A lot of people I know in response to my love for fashion keep on telling me that fashion doesn't save lives. It's a superficial world where privileged people meets to drink expensive champagnes taking an excuse that they are there to help poor creatures over the world. I use to think like that also and sometimes you are disgusted when you see in magazines the very same rich persons who believe they know the reality or everything about poor children just because they read  a brochure or went for a two days trip in those countries.imageimageimageimageimage

Then I stop and think: who am I to judge? what have I done I for those poor children? Ok!  if they bring up  awareness, consciousness  isn't that a great thing? I'm a postgraduate in economics but I will never find myself superior to an artist or designer who maybe have no degree in art or whatsoever.  I believe a great artist has a gift, a divine gift. You can be a doctor,an economist, an engineer if you study hard  but you can never be a great artist, or designer if you are not gifted no matter how hard you work at it. Beautiful clothes are comparable to great painting,music or poetry. People should stop looking at fashion like a superficial and empty thing. It's Art, it's beauty and everything that is beautiful contributes to make the world a better place to live in. Honestly, there is no cure to bad days as a good outstanding outfit. Clothes doesn't feed you but they give you self-confidence and that helps a lot in life.

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