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Good enough

By simone

It's so difficult to be free of mind, to be totally free in this world of so politically correct but you have to do everything to protect, to preserve your uniqueness even if that makes you strange or different in the eyes of others.  At 35 years i know i really don't care what the world may think of me. I want to teach my kids about decency but more about the freedom to stand out fearlessly if that is what they feel ( because some were born to blend and some  to shine)  and tell them not to judge people from how they dress or present themselves.  I've known people who by the way they dress seems filthy, shameless but when talking with them they are the most kind, sensitive and valuable human beings. On the other hand you will know people who care so much about showing a respectabe face to the society but deep down are the most immorals you'll ever meet.  You can't judge a book by its cover as Italians says.

Don't just judge! As hard as it is don't! Fredoom! To Live and to Let Live as long as no harm is done.

Image is everything but i believe authenticity is the key to be at peace with yourself and the wolrd. Linkedin, Instagram , facebook are monitored and it is said a lot of companies browses those profiles before recruiting. I'm no more at that stage of my life. Don't get me wrong a fantastic job opportunity is always welcome but if they want  S.T now they have to accept the whole package. I'm a creative, i'm crazy, unpredictable and sometimes sexy. That's who i am and if at 35 years( yes in december i'll be 35)  i have to play a role, it means i've failed myself and my life. Don't let them tell you because you are bold , confident, because you are comfortable in your body and celebrate it, you don't have values. It takes a lot more to know someone than an IG picture. Sometimes under a superficial appearance you have a  sensitive, intelligent and sharp man or woman. We are not all born to be nuns, or to win the Award of the best wife. Some people just want to be themselves . That is why I have so much respect for protitutes who are real and true to themselves than for married women who wear long gowns, pretend to be nuns but do the worst things. I keep saying i'm imperfect , i have a lot of flaws as a human being and as a wife but my biggest pride is whatever happen no one can say "she was fake".

People will always judge but it's up to you not to let it get to you. Nothing you will do or say will ever be enough for some. Remember" You are the only person you need to be good enough for".



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