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Good things.

By simone

Some pics of the weekend with my family:-). I feel blessed to have them and thank God for granting us health,love and happiness(those are for me the important things). Of course a bank account counts a lot and helps to gain those elements but we need not forget that the use of money is to contribute to make our lives better and not to take control on us. Need to get back some inspiration.... Wearing my D&G silk shirt and espadrilles. Simplicity is my name lol...

Quelques photos de  mon weekend avec ma petite famille. Moments précieux pour lesquels je remercie le Divin. Il est certain qu'un  portefeuille bien fourni contribue largement au bonheur et la sérénité car il faut ne pas mentir à soi même mais cependant le bonheur part tout d'abord d'une recherche intérieure...


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