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It’s about culture not color.

By simone


I am a black girl born and raised in Cameroon. Thougt we study european history like French Revolution or Italian "Renaissance", or languages such as Latin , German and Spanish and grew up watching Beverly Hilss 90210 and ER, and have a knowledge of the occidental culture, it's still difficult for me to understand certain things. After 11 years in Italy, I still have difficulties to accept that I still don't get a lot of things. Ok let's make an example, the latest episodes. Had diner with friends last weekend and during the week some friends wanted to know my opinion of the food and rest. I answered honestly that it was good but not worth the price. Oh my gosh I never knew my answer would create a foodgate. The next day i saw another friend who told me he learned from one of the girls that I do complained of the price instead of appreciating the company. Now, if I'm asked to give an opinion, you should then let me say what I want to say and not what you want to hear. Second the question was not regarding the company but the food and wine and third why report something so stupid? I told my husband the whole thing and he told me I have to be more diplomatic, "sometimes you don't necessarily  have to say what you think". In my country what you say is what you think. If you don't want to be answered differently, you don't ask! Here It's like you always have to say the contrary of what you think. I'm not saying we Africans are better, I believe it's a matter of culture. Being straightforward here is like being a rude or strange person. It's all about culture and I've come to believe you have to grow somewhere to really understand the behaviors. Surely my 9 year old nephew born and raised here and who is black have a lot in common with an Italian than with me. He surely have more difficulties to understand my way of thinking though I'm his auntie. It's just to say it's not the colour that defines you but the environment and its influence. A black guy born in Italy from Cameroonian parents is surely nearer to the autochthonous than an Italian born and raised in Argentina from Italians parents.


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One comment on “It’s about culture not color.”

  1. This is Europe, one has to be careful on what he or she comments on! People get the wrong impression! I am glad that you think the same as me!!

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