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It’s never too late!

By simone

Yes it’s never too late to change your life for good. Keep focusing on what you want and let nobody tell you what you want or dream is impossible. Everybody has its path. Some people start earlier than other to achieve what they want and others later.The most important thing is to stand firm on what you believe and don’t get discouraged. Life is not a competition. I can tell you that from my little experience in life that if you want something deeply, for the good reasons and for your good, then you get it. Really! Everybody has some bad days when it seems as everything is impossible but try not to listen to that negative voice inside of you and keep going! Remember: everybody has the right to be happy and  you have what you deserve.

Ps: something good happened to me, in an unexpected  way. I wanted it so much and was starting to feel discouraged about it. Something huge!I have the confirm life is what you really and truly want.


Derercunuy trench,Dior top and skirt, Calvin Klein Collection slingback, Ysl bag. About the skirt, my little cousin found it at the thrift shop in Limbe(hometown). She bought it for around 10$. Insane huh… So happy because it fits perfectly and still in perfect conditions.



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