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It’s that kind of year.

By simone

6 months since 2018 started and i am forever grateful. I've sensed from the beginnning this was going to be a game changing year. The past years have been awesome and i really don't want to sound ungrateful but reaching the age of 35 this december i felt it was a turning piont; that i needed clarity and certainty professionnally. I'm still struggling to find out what my path is and it came in my mind maybe my path is to try many things in my life to keep changing and navigate till when i'll be old. Many of us need to try many things to  understand what our call is. I've worked in fashion, in Social management, in PR and now there is this project  in which i am going to be an image consultant. All these experiences will be part of my CV and i'm sure and the end the comibination of all will help me reach that magical place i want to find myself in. 

Nothing major happened respect to  the past years but  i understood i was right about 2018 because my perspective have changed perspective. The way i look at my life is completely different. I don't hurry things anymore because i'm certain with vision, prayer, opportunity and luck everything will fall in place.  My faith in fate has never been stronger and so my ability to see years that will pass by only as numbers and not like a dealine to be what i want to be.

Perspective guys, perspective is everything and now i finally get it.



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