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Published in: Inspirations

Let that door be closed.

By simone

Not all doors are meant to be opened . No matter how you keep knocking at them, they still won't be. Simply because God don't want you to get inside for your own good. Sometimes we pray for something and no matter how hard we do, it doesn't happen. And we think God is not listening, He is but as a father he will never give you something that ain't good for you.. So when a door never opened we should look deeply inside and honestly question ourselves if what we are asking for is right for us.
But rest assured all those prayers don't get lost. Sometimes something you never asked or dreamt of happens and you are in awe and speechless. You feel so blessed; those prayers God heard them and rewarded you with the thing you never took as priority but He knew you needed.

Don't pray to God and asked him to touch the heart of your abusive husband. You already know the solution of your problem: is to leave , run away . Because people don't change. Don't ask him  to make a guy who don't love you to love you. He will always give you the best so please ask for what is best for you and don't asked to keep you stuck in a situation  that isn't best for you. Which parents would do that for his kids?

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