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Losing without a Fuss.

By Belise

Summer time is here.  Termed the bathing suit season, it is also, the time whereby showing more skin is part of the hype and fashion. However, in order to be included in this trend, goals of losing weight are placed at the highest of our to-do list. Questions such as: Are there any possible chances to lose weight without going to the gym? How much will it cost me? How long will it take? Would there be any physical pain or stress to endure? Are routinely what you and I would put into consideration; most effectively, the key to losing weight is the maintenance of a healthy diet, a balanced exercise and a good dosage of sleep. Nonetheless, below is the following information you need to achieve to have a better understanding of weight loss management, the simplest way.
Are there any possible chances to lose weight without going to the gym? Absolutely! All you are required to do is to place yourself in a frame of mind to make achievable goals, be discipline and adopt progressively small incremental changes to food and lifestyle to obtain a permanent result. In an India pharma news article, Brian Daniels, a former crash-dieter, testifies of being able to lose 30 pounds without taking any pills or going to the gym. He states, “The great thing about my journey to lose 30 pounds, is that I didn’t have to give up the foods that I like and I never walked around hungry, which also means that I wasn’t in a bad mood or anxious while losing the weight.” The most important aspect of attaining this successive goal is to consider a sustainable and natural path.
In order to understand how it is possible to lose weight without going to the gym, one has to first of all define body weight and calories. According to Whitney and Rolfes, body weight is “fat + lean tissue (including water);” and calories is the “unit by which energy is measured. Food energy is measured in kilocalories”. That is to say, as a result of decreasing our daily calorie intake, it is quite possible to lose a pound or more. A statistical table on calories management shows that burning 3,500 calories is equivalent to burning a pound of fat. Evidently, if someone were to have a calorie deficit of 500 calories in seven days, that would result to 3,500 calories total loss, which in turn is one pound in a week. Also, Whitney and Rolfes further explain that water plays an important role in body weight. They states, “Water constitutes about 60 percent of an adult’s body weight and a higher percentage of a child’s’ ‘Because water makes up about 75 percent of the weight of lean tissue and less than 25 percent of the weight of fat, a person’s body composition influences how much of the body’s weight is water.”  Due to the fact that it is fluid through which all life processes occur, it is therefore considered as an essential nutrient that is more important to life than any other. With all the seven positive uses of water, one should remember that drinking more fluids aids a lot in weight management. Here is an example of a natural source. Theoretically, when you drink more water, the body will systematically release the excess that it is withholding in its cell, which will result to weight loss in water, also known as water weight. This water weight will reflect on a weight scale that you have loss some calories.
How much will the cost be to lose weight without going to the gym? The amount is zero dollars. “How come?” You will say. The solution is as simple as walking down the street, the park or taking the stairs, lifting groceries or taking the dog out.  All these extra steps add up as far as increasing activity level.  Bethany Gumper supports this advice when she quotes that “Researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia found that people who committed to walking a dog 20 minutes per day, five days a week, lost an average of 14 pounds in one year.”  Additionally, home exercises are quite easy to do at no additional cost. You could just get a home work out video, or get a dancing video game that makes you move. Download it from free website or YouTube. Again, if you do not want to go through the trouble of buying those, you could just run around your living room, play tag with your partner or do air-elliptical while reading a book. When in cooperated in the diet, natural antioxidants aid in boosting the metabolism, which permits the body to burn more calories at rest. These antioxidants such as cinnamon, green tea or spicy products in cayenne pepper, or green tea, are easily found in nature and grocery stores.
Since eating healthy, sustainable food is important, emphasis should be made to have smarter and objective choices in meal selections such as the replacement of bad carbohydrates with good or complex carbohydrates.  In, “Understanding Nutrition” by Whitney and Rolfes, it is understood that simple carbohydrates converts to sugar quickly. Excess sugar is stored as fat.  For example,  switching yellow potato to sweet potato, or maintaining a dietary approach to stop hypertension (also known as the DASH diet).By eating low sodium foods, gluten free, whole grain, is a good way to make sure you do not necessarily starve while you shed the weight. It can also be cheaper than people think. All you have to do is garden. Either outside your home or if you have an apartment you can set up a garden in the veranda. This way, you know you would always have healthier food to eat at no cost to you. Just because the food is healthy also does not mean that you get to eat it anyhow, just like with everything in life, you have to eat in moderation.
The determination of the amount of time it will take to lose weight will depend on your personal goal, discipline and time management. Due to the fact that your thought process determines how your body react to the environment, it is safer to say that conditioning your mind to believe that you are losing weight will definitely get you there faster.  How painful could that be just to think it through and believing in one’s self worth? Good luck in embarking on this journey to keep the weight off and reducing any cardiac risk factor.
Belise Maj.


Belise is a life lover, optimistic woman. Born and raised in Cameroon she now lives in the US where she works. Proud black and African, very open minded and curious about others culture and lifestyle.

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