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¬†am not the romantic type so Valentine Day isn’t really my thing except from the fact I accept gifts (laughs). Happy Valentines Day to who celebrate it.

It’s about love, celebrating love between two people but my hope is that the love will be spread to whoever needs it. The world needs love. Love leads to tolerance, acceptance, altruism, generosity etc…

we don’t necessarily needs to have them all, if we have one the rest will come.

I know I may sound pessimistic and always tragical but I am afraid of the hatred that is growing everyday in the world. People seems to be free to spread the hate, to insults, to be racist. Everyone of us can make the change especially us parents. Please educate your children tell them we are all human, nobody is inferior, it’s just the economical possibilities that makes the difference. But it’s not because someone is poor, it means he’s a sub human. the world is falling one more apart because some humans believe they are superior to the others.

We all have responsibilities. Ignorance and hatred will always exist but it should be in reduce proportion. We shouldn’t let them grow.

thank you

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