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Men are trash!?

By simone

I've never talked about love and relationship in my blog. I've always find it too intimate and when you are married people may think what you are writing about is what you are currently living in your relationship. But the truth is no woman is immune to heart questions wether married or no. And even after several years of relationship we will never understand how men think.

I have this friend of mine in this impossible relation. She never wanted to date because she was fine with herself. She did not want the ups and down that come with a relationship, the complications. Because truth is when a man want a woman he will do everything to have her: drive hundred kilometers just to meet her, text her everyday, go extras for her. But once he got Her it becomes another story. He starts  playing  hide and seek. First step is, he start to text  you less and when you text him he may answer the next day,  saying i was busy, i have a lot to do. That's when you know its time to quit because you are becoming the weak one. Ok i know simple to say but hard to do.  Because we women don't like unsaid things, we want to be told : it's over! But then we know that 99%of men will never tell a woman it's over. They are coward and even when you confront them they will tell you, you are overreacting when they know deep inside what you are saying is the truth. I think they do that because they always want to leave the door open in case they decide to come back. Yes because  for men, Ex are never Exes , a revival is always an option lol... .

I don't think Men are trash as some feminists say but i think they have a serious problem taking decision, being outspoken and that's why i believe till when the world will be mostly run by men, it will always be a chaos.

So my girls watch the signs, read in between the lines and haer what your body and mind tells you. They are never wrong.  Because no matter how you tell the guy, "tell me if it's over?" he will never. So up to you Ladies to get to your conclusions.


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