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Mon Afrique à moi.

By simone



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I had to go home this November but due to Ebola I had to postponed my trip.  Let's make it clear that there is no case of the illness In my country but my trip would have been like an African tour including one of the country involved. My plans are completely upside down. I'm not very afraid to get contaminated but since I am a mother of two I have to think twice. I'm so much concerned about what is happening on my continent. It's a sad situation. I may sound hostile but I think occident has a huge responsibility in what is happening.  Is Ebola a natural disease or has it been created by some scientists who maybe went too far in their lab research? Well the only thing clear is that thousands of people have found death and occident only speak of it on alarmist basis. It's not only an African problem. When are whites going to understand we don't need donations to relieve their conscience after exploiting all the natural resources in Africa or concluding inequitable contracts? Of course we have our responsibilities no sorry, our governants are the ones responsible not the population.  We need help when thousands people are dying and not donations to enriched some dishonest persons.  Do we need an earthquake to be helped properly? Why did they decide they had to stop Ebola from the source only when some Occidentals got involved and so they understood Ebola was possibly going to reach their homes.? I really didn't want to sound polemic.

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