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Money on my mind.

By simone

"As I sit here by my window, i see something that i ..." here in Marrakech my ambition of making more money get stronger. I know success isn't about money but how you impact and inspire people around you. But honestly money makes life sweeter, better. Obviously I know money don't bring happiness but it makes things easier.  Take exemple Being poor and depress is like double nightmare. But being depress in the Maldives is still tough and maybe your state of depression don't allow  you to enjoy the surrounding beauty  but at least you don't have to think about how to give food to your kids or pay the bills .

My purpose to have more money is not mainly to upgrade my closet  but to really help people and give the best education  and life to my kids. Take the kids and their cousins on vacay without counting the dollars, give my mom the best life... Some will say " you don't need to be millionaire to do that. your life is good though, your parents are already fine". But sincerely who don't want to have more  money? more money bigger problem? alright, i'll take it!  Am i ungrateful or a venal person? I'm just being honest. Money counts, more money don't bring happiness but surely secure the peace of mind. And i promised the Lord if he ever fulfill my dreams I will give back to the community.


Ps: please don't tell me I should be grateful for what I already have. I am But as I always say being ambitious for the good reasons is not a crime.

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