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By simone


Hello! Yesterday was a very sad day, was homesick. I feel the nostalgy of my land. Now I totally understand why every old man or woman feel the need to go and spend the end of his/her days in his hometown or country. When you are young, you are excited to see new faces and new places but with time and getting older and mature, you feel the need to go back to your roots because having stayed far away for years,makes you understand there is no place better than home. I believe where you spend your childhood is the place where your heart and soul belongs to. No matter how good you can feel welcome in another town or country, there is a bond with your hometown. That is why,in my opinion a child born and raised in a specific place is the child of that town. It's where he has its friends,the first love. It's the only universe he knows. The land of his parents can be described to him but he would never really see or feel it home. My children are half Italian by their dad and half Cameroonian. Every year we'll spend a month in Cameroon where they surely will have fun and like but i think home for them will ever be Iseo if they grow up  here. I don't want to talk about politics but it's not a piece of land that makes home,but the memories you have of a place. It is where  you feel a language your mother tongue, where you get a typical accent and gestures. Blood undoubtedly counts,your roots and origins is the first pillar but it's the environment you live in, that forms you and lead you to the man and woman you are to become.

Wearing pleated sheer blouse from Viktor&rolf,body la Perla, Max&co pants,Proenza Schouler's sandals and Dvf clutch. Sorry for the poor quality of the pics.


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