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By simone

I promise myself from now on, i won’t complain. I won’t complain, i won’t complain. I have so many goals in my life and only positivity bring success. We should cultivate optismism  because ” people who think optimistically see the world as a place packed with endless opportunities especially in trying times” Lionel Tiger.

For so long i have been focusing on what i don’t have  forgetting to thank God for what i have. When i look at my life,i can say i am exactly where i wanted to be and have the things i deeply asked the Lord for. Honestly the things i want  and work towards right now aren’t those i hoped and asked to God 5-6 years ago. So why am i so hard at myself or why do i require it to happen immediately ? Like how can you claim or be angry you don’t have something you’ve never asked for? Ok, you see your buddies or classmates fulfilling their dreams and you get envious. But that was never your dream!!! you never asked for it! Look at your life and you will see what you asked is what you got. You can change your priorities along the way, you maybe have some new dreams and moving in a new direction… it’s normal. It’s part of the process of evolving. But give it some time to make it happen. Allow things to fall in place when it’ll be the right time. That’s why they say, never give up, keep pushing. Nothing get lost. Your efforts will give results. It’s just and it’s always a matter a time. I can say it because everyday i have the proof it is happening.Take time and analyse your life  and you will see how far you’ve come. Everyday we have little miracles in our life but we clearly don’t acknowledge them because we are so concentrated counting what we don’t have. Be grateful to God, to the universe if you don’t believe in Him, because if you can’t be grateful for what you have now, you will never enjoy what is yet to come. It will never ever be enough.

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