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Published in: Inspirations

Right or Wrong.

By simone

IMG-20150704-00738-1-1Successful people always advice others to hold on to their dreams, to go get what they want. The point is when do you become a successful person? at which cost? What are you willing to do for it? Cheat? Lie? Kill? Why do people always think being successful have to do with having a bank account with many zeros and living in luxury super life? Successful is to be good at what you do and do it well no matter what it is. Its being passionate about your job, your work, your family. Successful people are the one that inspires you. Those persons who realise their dreams no matter how little it may be, doing the right things. Not frauding, not lying or cheating on naive people. Why are we all afraid to talk about morality nowadays? We are so afraid to say what we think, afraid to be consider as haters, it is so much important to be politically correct. I may sound old  but for me there is still right and wrong, good and bad. We kind of justify everything in the name of individual freedom. I want to raise my children telling them no matter how ambitious they are (and i wish they will), they should never lose their conscience because without it you are nothing. And no material things can not fill emptiness of the soul.

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