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Take advantage of it!

We often talk about cutting off all the toxic friendships we have to surround ourselves with positive people.  But what if we need to keep at least one of those negative friends to boost us, to make us work harder to prove him/her wrong. You may think i lost my mind lol…I am not talking […]

Published in: Inspirations

Good enough

It’s so difficult to be free of mind, to be totally free in this world of so politically correct but you have to do everything to protect, to preserve your uniqueness even if that makes you strange or different in the eyes of others.  At 35 years i know i really don’t care what the world may […]

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Money on my mind.

“As I sit here by my window, i see something that i …” here in Marrakech my ambition of making more money get stronger. I know success isn’t about money but how you impact and inspire people around you. But honestly money makes life sweeter, better. Obviously I know money don’t bring happiness but it […]