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Have you ever think of how expensive are top wear respect to gowns? I mean if you take a silk top and compares it to a beautiful dress,the price difference isn’t that much. I’ve always asked myself why? plus thinking about the fact that since a top need a bottom but a dress no, because […]

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Hello people! How are you? I’m fine and just chilling with my family. It’s a very long weekend here in Italy. Took some pics. You won’t believe me but I can’t recall the last time I wore sport shoes 4 or 6 years? Always had the feeling it makes my feet look bigger. But I,ve […]

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Givenchy rocks!

I can say yellow is my favorite color and the one that suits me well. Unfortunately it’s difficult to find yellow clothes in good fabrics. I mean you have good silk shirts like below but  I’ve been looking for a beautiful skirt or mustard pants without success. Or The fabric is cheap or I do […]