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Dark Thoughts

Deception. Depression. How generously given , loyal, and still selfish you are. You refuse to discriminate among race, gender, religion, and even age. The poor animals and plant seen to fall prey to the de-press/ not to say -ception concept. Like brothers and sisters, you  sneak up on each other, competing on who would have […]

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Losing without a Fuss.

Summer time is here.  Termed the bathing suit season, it is also, the time whereby showing more skin is part of the hype and fashion. However, in order to be included in this trend, goals of losing weight are placed at the highest of our to-do list. Questions such as: Are there any possible chances […]

Published in: Diary of a Black woman in Italy

Interracial Friendship.

Till you are not a stranger with a different skin color, you will never understand what is like to feel like an alien. I’ve been living in Italy for almost 15 years and sometimes in some places some people still look at me surprisingly as an alien. I don’t know if things are changing but […]

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  Hello everyone! hope you are fine and you had a wonderful week end! Mine was good. Enjoyed with family. I have to say I was not really inspired so I went for a  Balmain look : denim, strong shoulders and you never go wrong. Obviously fooling around alone  with the kids forced me to […]

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Red and black.

I’m into colors guys. Red is so powerful. It’s a shame I have just few  things red in my wardrobe. I seriously have to start consider it as the new black. So go get yourself colored lol… je suis dans le “mood” des couleurs en ce moment. J’adore le rouge, c’est puissant et énergétique. C’est […]