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Like pretty woman.

Do you recall Julia Roberts dots dress in pretty woman at the horse race? When I saw this dress I just fell in love with it. It is so elegant, timeless, ladylike!  Great gift from a wonderful woman. I believe this is the typical dress that can be pass from one generation to another. Wored it […]

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Python breakfast.

This dress is one of my evergreen. You know when you have a tons of clothes but never know what to put on. It’s like the little black dress for me. Ps: I didn’t talk on the phone the whole day lol… Was my daddy’s birthday so we had a long chat and it comes […]

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Just In

After the silvana’s Fendi bag, I really needed a small black bag to throw on my shoulders. A sort of day and night bag. So I wanted a cool,timeless and affordable bag. Couple of months  ago I saw the disco soho bag on Princess Charlotte and fell in love with it and when I went […]