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Because some of us are born that way. No matter how beautiful is our life, we still have that void. Yes, It doesn’t  matter the amount of money we have in our bank account or the amazing places we’ve seen. It’s a void you, a pain that comes once in a while and you don’t […]

Published in: Inspirations

Take advantage of it!

We often talk about cutting off all the toxic friendships we have to surround ourselves with positive people.  But what if we need to keep at least one of those negative friends to boost us, to make us work harder to prove him/her wrong. You may think i lost my mind lol…I am not talking […]

Published in: Inspirations

Be the Compass.

  Many people are walking in this life blinded by the superficial and the limelight they see. They let their environment determine their objectives instead of learning who they are and asking themselves the right questions in life, so they have a clearer objective or goal, inspired from their own thought process instead of an […]