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Have you ever think of how expensive are top wear respect to gowns? I mean if you take a silk top and compares it to a beautiful dress,the price difference isn’t that much. I’ve always asked myself why? plus thinking about the fact that since a top need a bottom but a dress no, because […]

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Purple rain.

Me in my Vesper peplum dress,Tabitha Simmons shoes and Burberry bucket.¬†All purple or burgundy? Waiting for friends to come and join on dinner. I hate waiting as you can see. It’s really annoying when you are hungry. Share on: WhatsAppIt's only fair to share…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinPinterestemailTumblr

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Morning dears, got up in a very good mood. It’s sunny out there! In a few minutes I and the kids are going to our daily walk. Being mummy is the most beautiful thing in the world but sometimes you feel as if you no more have a life of yours. It’s all about them, […]