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Is fashion useless?

  I love fashion but I’m not a stupid girl. A lot of people I know in response to my love for fashion keep on telling me that fashion doesn’t save lives. It’s a superficial world where privileged people meets to drink expensive champagnes taking an excuse that they are there to help poor creatures over […]

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Dolce and Gabbana girl!

Another outfit with dots. Love this skirt! I remember seeing with my mother a Dolce&Gabbana campaign on Flair  magazine  several years ago with a girl in a very similar skirt,white body,wedges and a large hat. My mommy told me: you have to get that look and that’s what we did. We searched desperately for that […]

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Givenchy rocks!

I can say yellow is my favorite color and the one that suits me well. Unfortunately it’s difficult to find yellow clothes in good fabrics. I mean you have good silk shirts like below but  I’ve been looking for a beautiful skirt or mustard pants without success. Or The fabric is cheap or I do […]

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Have a wonderful week-end!

You may find my style monotonous at times but isn’t life itself monotonous!? Share on: WhatsAppIt's only fair to share…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinPinterestemailTumblr