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The wrap cream coat.

I’m definitely in love with this wool coat. Worth the money!!! Now that I’m a grown up woman I find it so feminine, sexy and beyond cozy. I’m in love!!! Share on: WhatsAppIt's only fair to share…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinPinterestemailTumblr

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It’s about culture not color.

I am a black girl born and raised in Cameroon. Thougt we study european history like French Revolution or Italian “Renaissance”, or languages such as Latin , German and Spanish and grew up watching Beverly Hilss 90210 and ER, and have a knowledge of the occidental culture, it’s still difficult for me to understand certain […]

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Is fashion useless?

  I love fashion but I’m not a stupid girl. A lot of people I know in response to my love for fashion keep on telling me that fashion doesn’t save lives. It’s a superficial world where privileged people meets to drink expensive champagnes taking an excuse that they are there to help poor creatures over […]

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Have you ever think of how expensive are top wear respect to gowns? I mean if you take a silk top and compares it to a beautiful dress,the price difference isn’t that much. I’ve always asked myself why? plus thinking about the fact that since a top need a bottom but a dress no, because […]

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Red and black.

I’m into colors guys. Red is so powerful. It’s a shame I have just few  things red in my wardrobe. I seriously have to start consider it as the new black. So go get yourself colored lol… je suis dans le “mood” des couleurs en ce moment. J’adore le rouge, c’est puissant et énergétique. C’est […]