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Published in: Diary of a Black woman in Italy

Interracial Friendship.

Till you are not a stranger with a different skin color, you will never understand what is like to feel like an alien. I’ve been living in Italy for almost 15 years and sometimes in some places some people still look at me surprisingly as an alien. I don’t know if things are changing but […]

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I think even first before I became an adult, the ladylike style have always been my favorite. It’s surely the influence of my mother. She’s always been well dress. From Monday to Saturday she was always elegant, understated. Very few times I’ve seen my mum casual. That was her style, feminine and elegant. So I’ve […]

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Morning dears, got up in a very good mood. It’s sunny out there! In a few minutes I and the kids are going to our daily walk. Being mummy is the most beautiful thing in the world but sometimes you feel as if you no more have a life of yours. It’s all about them, […]