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Hello people! How are you? I’m fine and just chilling with my family. It’s a very long weekend here in Italy. Took some pics. You won’t believe me but I can’t recall the last time I wore sport shoes 4 or 6 years? Always had the feeling it makes my feet look bigger. But I,ve […]

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Leopard print.

Chilling and shopping with leopard Roberto Cavalli  blouse,Max&co pants, Calvin Klein collection shoes…   The aim  of this blog was to talk about fashion. But since life isn’t only about fashion, I find it natural to talk about other issues. Lately, since the economical crisis , in my town I can see a lot of blacks like me […]

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I think even first before I became an adult, the ladylike style have always been my favorite. It’s surely the influence of my mother. She’s always been well dress. From Monday to Saturday she was always elegant, understated. Very few times I’ve seen my mum casual. That was her style, feminine and elegant. So I’ve […]

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Free yourself!

Hello! when i think of a strong woman, it’s Angelina Jolie who comes on my mind. For me she’s powerful,human and generous,simple and stylish woman. Today’s chat is about we women. Our parents chooses to give us an education because they believe that from it, will come our independence. But is it really like that? […]