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Give it a try!

When I opened my blog on Blogspot, I believed in it rather well then I realised that although many people said to me i had a great sense of style, it would have never become a famous blog because the quality of my photos was mediocre for a blog which wanted to position itself. I therefore […]

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It’s about culture not color.

I am a black girl born and raised in Cameroon. Thougt we study european history like French Revolution or Italian “Renaissance”, or languages such as Latin , German and Spanish and grew up watching Beverly Hilss 90210 and ER, and have a knowledge of the occidental culture, it’s still difficult for me to understand certain […]

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Les mauvais jours.

Il ya des jours où le moral est à terre et on a aucune envie de mettre le nez dehors. Mais c’est justement ces jours là qu’il faut saper et aller se balader: De beaux habits et un peu d’air frais et on se dit qu’en fin de compte elle est pas si mal que […]

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Is fashion useless?

  I love fashion but I’m not a stupid girl. A lot of people I know in response to my love for fashion keep on telling me that fashion doesn’t save lives. It’s a superficial world where privileged people meets to drink expensive champagnes taking an excuse that they are there to help poor creatures over […]