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Tell your story.

By simone

I guess you all watched the Golden Globes. The acceptance speeches of Meryl Streep, Tracey Ellis, Viola Davis, Casey Affleck  got me emotional. It was  about, being you, love, community, compassion and gratitude.

Viola said her dad story deserved to be told. Barry Jenkins the day before said" if you feel something and want to speak it, then speak it, someone there will be out there to hear you". I thought of it. Of how we sometimes keep quiet on the issues that matter to us because we think nobody will listen, nobody care. Don't let that stop you. It doesn't matter if you don't have followers like Kim K. Just share your point of view

Obviously we are different and and while some people need to talk and express their feelings, others feel like keeping it all inside. But i think at the end we all speak in one way or another.

Through clothes for example, don't they say Fashion is an art of expression? I think i tell my story apart from writing, through clothes also. My style says a lot about me: confident but afraid to take risks, classic but bold etc... Yes you can tell your story through fashion.



That's why i believe in the importance to have a personal style, to buy what you like regardless of the trends. Of course they are some items you love because they are in fashion but as much as i love something "en vogue" i will never buy it if does not fit my style or if i am not sure i can boldly rock it. How many times did you see someone with an attire you will never imagine yourself in, but you like and love even if you know you will never be able to wear it with the due confidence? that's the worst thing you can do: Put on a clothes you don't feel at your ease with; people will sense it from afar .

I believe the most fashionable and confident  women are the ones that feels comfortable in what they wear because they choose the clothes that express their personality. How do you explain the fact a woman with a tee and a jeans can be more sexy than one with a body con dress and 12cm 👠  ? It's all in the confidence!

Tagliatore coat; Woodwood cardigan; Mango trousers; Gucci loafers.





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