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Things a real friend don’t do!

By simone


Let’s stay on the friends argument. I have my personal list of ten things your best friend don’t do.

1. She doesn’t let others talk bad about you in front of her and if they insist she defends you.

2. She doesn’t  come and report to you what have being said: why should she when she knows you will surely be hurt and angry. Personally I don’t want to know what the haters say about me.

3. She doesn’t judges you: she listen and support. It’s too late for “I told you”.

4. She doesn’t say: you look awful today! I’m already out of home so what should I do?

5. She stand by your side when you feels as if the world is falling apart. That’s what friends are for!

6. She doesn’t tell you: you will never get into that dress no matter how slim you will be. No no no… She wants to demolish your self esteem. Friens don’t do that. What the f***! I’m the one paying it and if I insist to take it, let it be girl!

7. Her boyfriend doesn’t like you? His business not hers.

8.You are on diet? She doesn’t invite to to McDonald’s or for a brunch your favorite 5***** hotel lol…

9. She knows family is sacred and so she never talks bad about your sister. Blood is sacred why plant hatred!?

10. A real friend loves champagne because you do… Now this is insane I know…




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