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Third World

By simone


These pasts weeks in Italy all the talk-shows are about immigration. Due to the conflict in Lybia  the borders are widely open and it is now a no control zone. From the beginning of the year till now, have arrived about 260000 migrants on Italy coast. After weeks of discussion they have finally decided in Brussels that 40000 of them who have the right of asylum are going to be share through the countries members of EU. Now i am not a poltician nor did i studied Political Sciences but how could France and England even thought of answering No in the beginning. They were the first to go and remove khadaffi hiding their economic interests under the name of democracy. What did they expect? You can't have it all! and so this are the consequences of their actions. Hollande  during the walk against terrorism after the deaths of Charlie Hebdo was so happy to have thousands of people from every races and religion. Africans were there! Yes i know you guys will say it is always the same thing, whites are always  responsible of Africa's misery. But yes they have their responsabilities. Many of the conflicts in Africa are  instigated by them, they never try to seriously solve them but they sell arms both the parts playing the game, they do business with those egoist and irresponsible Africans presidents.They keep us endebted to them, can you believe we are paying a colonial debt. No i am not kidding, after being dominated for decades by France, countries such as Cameroon to gain their independance were forced to sign an agreement to take all the financial efforts that were sustained by the colons to build the infrastructures in the country. So the new independant country found itself with a debt that was surreal. It is like a 25 years boy who starts his life with a debt of a million euros left to him by his parents. Consequences the country had to turn to the French Banks to obtain a loan to afford the debt and pay the civil servants. It turn out the  interest rates grew, inflation came and governments were forced by the FMI and the World Bank to reduced the salaries, to privatized and so the state companies were sold to the same colons who have dominated us and reduced us to slaves,trying to erase our culture and beliefs. That is why even with the rich soil, most Africans are still living under the poverty line. They never say this part of the story when the talk about poverty and misery in the Black continent. Thanks to France, Belgium,GB  and the rest.. and they pretend we have to die on our  continent. Your coffee, exotic fruits,woods,diamonds,cellphone(we know the most inportant component to make cellphone and PC comes from DRC)  and many else are Africans , black, but you don't want to see black Africans people as your neighbor. Why do the black color frightens whites so much?We are so pacific! even with all the sufferings we had to endured we are not an angry nor vindictive race. Africans are running from situtation that are created or cautionned 50% by Occident. Now i have to say i am ashamed by those wicked presidents above Africa watching with indifference what their people are facing, sons of their land risking their life and even dying to run away from poverty or war. If Occident really want to stop this, they should erase the African debt, stop dealing with our corrupted presidents, stop arming the rebels and militia and stop exploiting for nothing the african soil. It is as simple as that. But if they are more interested in their economical interests then, this

type of immigration will never STOP.


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