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We need more.

By simone

Audrey Hepburn is not only a beauty icon but a role model. She was a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF till her death and was really involved in her mission. It was beyond personal recognition and ego. you could see she  breathe and eat  the stories of the people she met. compassionate. What is life without compassion? nothing because if you can't feel empathy for someone,then you are no more human. And we must feel empathy for everyone not just the people that are like us. Audrey and Angelina Jolie for me are true role models of style and compassion.

But i have to say perhaps that I use to hate those stars who will go two days in Africa to see some unprivileged kids or women, then later Vogue, Vanity fair and the others would write an article on it where they will say this experience changed my life bla bla bla ... and the next day life goes on.

What can you see in two or five days? i mean i am black African and when i go to my country Cameroon and see some areas  where the poverty is real, i just think how lucky i am to get the things i need  i borrowed this expression from one of my virtual friend on IG. Always give credit lol... And i think that is the same for those personalities. Going to Africa help them figure out how much they are blessed to be wealthy. three weeks and the effects and all the things they saw are just memories. I'm not cynic just but saying the blatant truth. My point is if white people really wants to help us they should tell theirs leaders to set us free. Yes we are independent but not free. We have evil presidents yes but they are protected by the west.We dont need charity. we can't live on it eternally. And as i said before if the west won't give up on their interests in my continent, people will continue to come here and seek for a better future. You can't have it all. And none of the western world leaders tell the truth to their citizens. Cameroun Land and top companies have been privatized under pressure by France and they were the buyer. We own nothing. You will say that's just the results of the incompetence of our  leaders. Oh right. But why using their avidity to condemn an entire population into poverty? how can you take 90% with the right hand and give 10% with the left one.? Then aren't the west leaders guardian of the democracy? so why treat with our dictators? One becomes dictator when he doesn't protect your interests no more right?! so my white friends if you don't want to see blacks in your neighbourhood you should protest against your government Africa politics. I always tell my fellow brothers that we need to protest against our governments but we need to raise awareness on this issue with our white friends because many dont know how things really are because their leaders keep telling them Africa is a poor continent condemned by famine, drought and diseases. They never tell  them what they take from us. I know the issue is more complex you will say and that it's dangerous and easy to fall into rethoric  but that's the substance. Wake up.

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