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White-off white

By simone

This is the white week for me. What I intend is that since Monday I always have a white item on me.  And that is the reason why my sales musts are going to be all white. It’s my new black. Not that I didn’t like in the past but I usually wear it most in winter to outshine and play it different lol… My husband told me I look so understated in white in summer and since his opinion counts a lot and his advices are always good, I have decided that white and cream are my first choices in all seasons. The most difficult thing about the white shirt is to find the perfect one with the perfect fit. I like it loose at times like my Jil Sander’s or slim like the one below. Well for now I have found four including this and Sander’s. The remaining ones you will probably see soon are from Palmer/Harding and Diesel black gold which is very much similar to the bagutta one. I have to shoot them all together so you can notice the differences. Don’t laugh but I still have to buy some lol.

ma semaine blanche tire à sa fin. Blanche parce que tous les jours j’arborais au moins un article de cette couleur. Voilà je suis tout ou rien pour ceux qui m’ont cerné. Quand c’est du rouge c’est du rouge à gogo presque à s’en lasser et même chose s’il s’agit d’ une autre couleur. En fait moi j’adore le blanc d’hiver car ça rend différent et c’est assez inattendu. Le hic c’est trouver la superbe chemise blanche. Chose assez difficile mais j’ai été veinarde et sur le net soit My-wardrobe, Mytheresa et enfin Il duca d’Aosta j’ai trouvé celle ci de Bagutta qui est super belle et trois autres dont une de Jil sander,de Palmer and Harding et enfin de Diesel Black Gold. Trop contente car de beaux investissements.

Bagutta shirt,  Max&co pants, Stella McCartney sandals.


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